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Generations Family Practice Invests in New Technology to Insure Optimal Sanitation Amid COVID Delta Variant Surge

Cary, NC, September 15, 2021 – Generations Family Practice (GFP), a high-quality primary care clinic in Cary, furthered its effort to reduce the risk of coronavirus infections at its clinic by implementing Air Disinfection Biosecurity (ADB) technology as part of its multi-pronged cleaning and filtration protocols to protect against coronavirus exposure.

The recent lessons of COVID-19, the surge of the Delta variant and the potential of other variants coming to Wake County, made it increasingly clear from a duty-of-care perspective that medical providers, in particular, must invest in proactive solutions to protect their patients, staff and front-line workers in the fight against the coronavirus.

A 2020 study from a hospital setting shows that the highest concentration of live COVID-19 virus was on the floor where COVID patients were treated, which is consistent with a recent human exhale trajectory study published by JAMA. Other areas that had the most live virus were surfaces touched by patients, followed by areas near air conditioner inlets.

This data guided GFP’s actions to further its safety measures, including:

● Reserving six exam rooms for suspected coronavirus patients to be treated, in order to reduce contact and airborne transmission to others.
● Providing continuous floor-unit UVC filtration systems in all exam rooms, which channels air through a small chamber with UV light for sanitation after HEPA filtering. This addresses human exhaust with larger droplets near the floor.
● Medical-facility grade electrostatic sprayers, commonly used in ambulances and hospitals to spray safe disinfectants to treat surfaces after high-risk patients leave the exam room.
● Implement an Air Disinfection Biosecurity (ADB) technology system. GFP is among the first practices in Wake County to deploy ADB technology, which continuously cleans the air and surfaces to protect patients against COVID-19 exposure.

“We want to make sure our spaces are safe spaces,” says Jonathan Fowler, Vice President of Operations at Cary Medical Management. “ADB reduces the bioload throughout the facility.”

Implementing ADB technology puts GFP at the forefront of innovation. The clinic has installed multiple units in its ductwork throughout high-risk areas at a unit cost of about $10,000. Cary Medical Management, who manages GFP, is funding this project and making implementation possible.
ADB technology, offered by PathogenFocus and Triangle Lighting Solutions, provides rapid reduction of bacteria, molds and viruses through an advanced microbe mitigation process. GFP installed two test units near its dedicated COVID exam rooms. The clinic’s bio-load is monitored by an independent laboratory using bio-markers of a similar size to the human exhaust that contains the coronavirus. Results found that the airborne bio-load was reduced by 80 and 86 percent in two different zones, and surface bio-load in these two zones was reduced by 87 and 91 percent.

“We do not want any cracks in our protections,” says CMM founder and CEO, Dr. Siu Tong, who earned his PhD. in aeronautical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has a deep background in aerodynamics. “It is most critical to capture and sanitize the coronavirus where it concentrates, which requires multiple safety measures to sanitize air near the floor, surface areas, and air systems, as well as using high quality PPE.”

By investing in comprehensive, multi-pronged solutions, GFP is ensuring a superior air quality safety threshold to its patients and staff, while operating at near-normal occupancy levels.

About Generations Family Practice

Generations Family Practice, P.A., was established in 2005 in Cary, NC, which has grown from a two-person medical practice to the Patient-Centered Medical Home that it is today. Generations Family Practice offers comprehensive primary medical care, from Well-Baby care to Geriatrics, and everything in between. Recently ranked in the top three family care clinics in the region, they have a strong foundation in value-based care, and provide the highest quality care before hours, after hours, and on the weekends.

About Cary Medical Management

Established in 2019, Cary Medical Management was created by a group of experienced clinic operators, physicians, and executives of leading healthcare technology companies with a vision to drive home the “trillion-dollar transformation to value-based-care” promised by the Affordable Care Act. CMM’s role is to leverage its wealth of healthcare experience and strong financial backing to ensure its portfolio clinics succeed in the new era of healthcare quality and value.

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