Cary Medical Management Acquires Managing Care Solutions for Technology Infusion in Primary Care Clinics

Unique IP Enables Personalized Care to Individuals, Expands Value Based Care Opportunities and Reduces Provider Workload

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October 28, 2021

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Cary, NC, October 28, 2021 – Managing Care Solutions (MCS), a Physician-led, Team Based Care Management service organization with unique IP enabling mass deployment of individualized care management was acquired by Cary Medical Management (CMM). CMM will deploy the technology and Team Based Care Management protocol to its managed clinics to deliver a lower cost, higher quality of healthcare, while reducing the care management workload on primary care providers.

MCS provides comprehensive, non-face-to-face care management for primary care practices using a highly standardized protocol for 35 common chronic conditions with dynamic logic to enable complex conditions to be managed with more widely available clinical staff. The protocols were embedded into the Smartlink Health solutions’ platform, which enables team based care management and can be implemented at the practice level quickly, getting patients the support they need to improve their health, and providers the support they need to improve value, revenue and work-life balance.

MCS was formed by Dr. Steven Wegner, MD, JD, a renowned leader in managed care for more than two decades. Starting with Community Care Physicians Network of North Carolina (CCPN), as their President and servicing millions of North Carolina patients, Dr. Wegner worked in Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) for 20 years. CCNC was recognized nationally for the care management provided to Medicaid patients and the State of North Carolina.

“Managing Care Solutions is a crucial service for our most vulnerable senior population particularly Medicare patients,” said CMM co-founder and CEO Siu Tong, PhD. “These patients are living with two or more chronic conditions and they frequently need additional assistance to navigate both the complex healthcare system and the challenging social determinants of health in our communities. Without Dr. Wegner’s deep knowledge in large scale deployment of care management services with generally available clinical staff, it will not be feasible to fund and assemble the care team to manage complex patients remotely.”

Dr. Wegner and his team leveraged their decades of experience in managing chronic illnesses to develop a dynamic call script and service methodology to guide each engagement with a patient, resulting in more valuable interactions and rapid identification of issues that can be addressed immediately at the most affordable level, primary care.

“MCS has highly experienced staff working on complex Medicaid patients over many years previously under AccessCare to develop a Team Based Approach to care management, and pulled together standard clinical protocols from well documented best practices,” said Dr. Wegner. “We are excited about this partnership and the renewed ability to leverage technology, processes and human resources to improve outcomes while lowering the total cost of care.”

CMM will build better patient outcomes and reduce physician burnout, resulting in better risk assessment, timelier intervention and cohesive care planning to drive value. This new take on an old model generates additional revenue today, and shared savings for patients, providers and payers in the long term.

Led by its VP of Operations, Jon Fowler, who has extensive experience deploying care management services in 100+ provider clinic groups, CMM is deploying MCS to its entire family of practices, serving thousands of Medicare patients throughout North Carolina, in addition to helping other independent primary care practices execute exceptional care management in their communities.

About Cary Medical Management

Established in 2019, Cary Medical Management was created by a group of experienced clinic operators, physicians, and executives of leading healthcare technology companies with a vision to drive home the “trillion-dollar transformation to value-based-care” promised by the Affordable Care Act. CMM’s role is to leverage its wealth of healthcare experience and strong financial backing to ensure its portfolio clinics succeed in the new era of healthcare quality and value.

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